Handmade Solid Wood Table Lamps

Acacia Burr 19"


A very unusual and interesting Acacia solid wood Table Lamp, it is difficult to show by photograph quite how beautiful this Acacia Burr Table Lamp is. The golden colour of Acacia, with its distinctive curving grain, is enhanced by the natural features of the Burr and natural bark.

Cut to an angle at the top to make a unique design, this is a wide and solid Lamp finished with a wax polish. The bottom is felted, it has gold coloured bulb holder and bronze brown flex with a black plug.

This is around 19 inches height to the lamp holder, 14 inchess to top of wood. 7 and a half inches wide, and 4 inches deep. 48cm (36cm) high, 19cm width and 10cm depth. Sold without lamp shade.