Handmade Solid Wood Table Lamps

Acacia Burr 16" Tall and 7" Wide WoodTable Lamp


A very attractive wood, it is difficult to show by photograph quite how beautiful this Acacia Table Lamp is. The lovely golden cream colour of Acacia, with its beautiful curving grain and knots, is enhanced by the natural features of the very small Burr on the side.

This is around 16 inches total height to the top of the lamp holder and 11 and a half inches to top of wood. Around 7.5" wide x 4" deep. 40cm from base to top of Lamp Holder, 29cm high from base to top of wood, 19cm width and 10cm depth.

A heavy Lamp made from a solid (not hollowed) piece of Acacia Wood, the base has been covered in felt. The fittings are a gold coloured lamp holder with bronze coloured flex and a black 3 pin plug.